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WAC recap: Wolf Pack win, despite WAC status quo

Nevada kept up its end of the bargain last weekend by handing San Jose State a 41-17 loss and setting up a WAC showdown in Reno on Saturday that might possibly get Graham Watson out to see the game. Or not. Notre Dame's probably playing someone somewhere. (Or BYU-Utah, we guess.)

The two-headed rushing attack of Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua (a.k.a. TAFKA Luke Lippincott) helped Nevada outgain the Spartans 333 to (minus)-23 on the ground, and Kaepernick and Taua combined for three rushing touchdowns. All of this begs the question: San Jose State was good at some point?

Another question being begged is whether or not SJSU's rushing total was the product of a suddenly stout Nevada defense. Reno Gazette-Journal commenter wileynreno says yes:

if Boist St. is smart they will come to Reno and pass,pass,pass,pass,pass. I'll be there to watch.

He better be careful what he wishes for.

Other WAC results:

LaTech 45, Utah State 38
Brent Guy's hopes for a Brent Guy bronze statue in downtown Logan, Utah, went up in smokes as the Aggies couldn't hold a fourth quarter lead in losing to Louisiana Tech. Utah State's Diondre Borel led a second-half comeback that saw the Aggies score 21 unanswered points to take the lead, only to see the lead squandered by a Daniel Porter touchdown run. On the bright side, Guy did hang around long enough to see a replica of himself hung in effigy.

Also of note, Louisiana Tech became bowl eligible with their victory, and the Humanitarian Bowl just got a lot less appealing.

Fresno State 24, NMSU 17
Fresno State tried its hardest to lose to the Aggies, but New Mexico State wouldn't have any of it. "Touchdown" Tom Brandstater lived up to his nickname with two one-yard TD runs, although we doubt that is what people had in mind when they nicknamed him "Touchdown" Tom.