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WAC recap: There goes the neighborhood

How bad is the WAC? This bad:

What originally began the years as a neat, little Hammacker & Schlammaker towel set with Fresno, Nevada, and BSU clearly the big towels and Utah State, Idaho and NMSU clearly the washcloths has been turned on its cottony head. Forget what you ever knew about the WAC, which probably wasn't anything good to begin with. This conference is hopeless.

Louisiana Tech 38, Fresno State 35

Daniel Porter's 43-yard touchdown run with under two minutes to play sealed the upset for Louisiana Tech. Porter finished the game with 189 yards on 20 carries for a robust 9.5-yard average. His counterpart, Fresno State star Ryan Mathews, had eight yards on five carries.

The loss essentially ends the WAC title hopes for the Bulldogs, who typically don't really care about WAC titles anyway. It's those big nonconference regular season wins preceded by months of hype that really get them going. Is it too early to look ahead to next year's game at Cincinnati.

Utah State 30, Hawaii 14

If Brent Guy sees another year at Utah State, he ought buy QB Diondre Borel a pretty big thank-you gift. Under the table, of course. We wouldn't want to condone any NCAA violations.

Borel has pretty much single-handedly revived the Utah State program with his running and passing, a la Colin Kaepernick. Borel was instrumental in the Aggies' win over the Warriors, passing for 223 yards and two scores and finishing with a team-high 87 yards rushing. He had as many carries as he did completions, putting him well on his way toward Kaepernick status.

San Jose State 30, Idaho 24

Former starting quarterback Myles Eden led the Spartans to their sixth win of the season, giving them bowl eligibility much to the chagrin of the Humanitarian Bowl. Eden replaced an "injured" Kyle Reed (is never throwing a pass more than 10 yards downfield considered an injury?) and threw for nearly 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Nathan Enderle, on the other hand, was Nathan Enderle, and the Vandals fell to 2-8 on the season.