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WAC recap: Nevada runs into hearts of America

Ladies and gentlemen, your new non-BCS team of the week is ... the Nevada Wolf Pack! Come on up here so Graham Watson can give you a hug.

The Wolf Pack rushed for 472 yards against the Bulldogs in Friday night's ESPN clash, paving the way for Colin Kaepernick and company to be anointed as the biggest remaining threat for the Broncos' perfect season. It has to be someone, we guess.

Kaepernick wasn't even the story of Nevada's 41-28 win over Fresno. That honor belonged to RB Vai Taua (pronouneced "Lippincott") who amassed 263 yards on just 28 carries. Nevada hosts San Jose State on Saturday before their game against the Broncos on November 22. Fresno State plays someone, too, but it doesn't really matter any more.

Other WAC scores

LaTech 21, SJSU 0
If you had wagered on which team would help the Broncos' strength of schedule the most down the stretch, chances are good you would not have said Louisiana Tech. Derek Dooley is disappointed in you.

Hawaii 42, NMSU 30

Despite two 80-plus-yard TD catches by NMSU's Chris Williams, Hawaii won going away, 42-30. Perhaps rushing for six total yards was the Aggies' downfall. Or having Hal Mumme on the sideline.