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WAC recap: conference schedule meekly winds down

What has been one of the more turbulent WAC seasons in recent memory is almost over, which should be a very big relief to Pat Hill. Not having anyone to nominate for Player of the Week can get a little tiring.

With so much parity in the conference below Boise State, the WAC could end up with six bowl-eligible teams - BSU, Louisiana Tech, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, and San Jose State. Can the Pac-10 say that? Hardly. Now if only there were enough lower-tier, mediocre bowls to put them all in.

Here are the results from last weekend's games as well as a look ahead to the remaining schedule of each team.

Fresno State 24, San Jose State 10
Play of the game: Chastin West's 49-yard punt return in the third quarter to give Fresno State the lead
Stat of the game: SJSU: -5 yards rushing, their second consecutive week with negative rushing
Next up: Fresno State at Boise State, San Jose State at home, trying to remember when they were 6-2

Louisiana Tech 35, New Mexico State 31
Play of the game: Phillip Livas' 68-yard TD catch from LaTech's Ross Jenkins to take the lead with under four minutes remaining
Stat of the game: NMSU: 523 total yards, 36 minutes time of possession, 27 first downs, and they still lost
Next up: Louisiana Tech versus Nevada, NMSU at Utah State

Hawaii 49, Idaho 17
Play of the game: Malcolm Lane's 82-yard TD catch from Hawaii QB Greg Alexander that gave the Warriors a 14-7 lead in the first quarter
Stat of the game: Idaho: 40 carries for 49 yards, 1.2-yard average
Next up: Hawaii versus Washington State, Idaho versus a very long offseason of self-doubt and inadequacy