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Top 26 Poll: Wins over Idaho do matter!

Who says a win over one of the worst teams in Division I-A doesn't count for anything?

In the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll, Boise State's win over the Vandals was enough to propel them into the No. 6 spot, two places ahead of Utah, who rolled over SDSU last weekend. So apparently, beating up on a bad team is relative.

Oklahoma, who was on a bye, dropped a spot or two to make room for the Broncos. There was also a change at the top of the poll as Texas Tech moved to No. 1 while on their bye week, supplanting Alabama. Obviously, we don't know what we're doing.

You can visit the Top 26 poll homepage for more details or you can download the Top 26 poll pdf. There's a lot of personal responsibility here, which might not be a good thing this week.

  1. Texas Tech

  2. Alabama

  3. Florida

  4. Texas

  5. USC

  6. Boise State

  7. Oklahoma

  8. Utah

  9. Penn State

  10. Georgia

  11. Ball State

  12. Missouri

  13. Ohio State

  14. Oklahoma State

  15. Michigan State

  16. BYU

  17. TCU

  18. Pittsburgh

  19. Oregon State

  20. Cincinnati

  21. LSU

  22. Florida State

  23. Oregon

  24. Miami

  25. North Carolina

  26. Maryland

Also receiving votes: Georgia Tech, Tulsa
Say good-bye to: South Carolina, Wake Forest

OBNUG's Kevan takes the reigns this week in defending his poll from all those people who don't think Boise State should be the No. 3 team in the country. What do they know anyway?

  1. Texas Tech: The Big XII is stronger than the SEC (don't smite me, football gods), and Texas Tech is the best team in the Big XII. For this week, at least.

  2. Alabama: I put them at No. 2 out of obligation since they're undefeated. I would prefer they were at No. 8 or 9.

  3. Boise State: Is No. 3 too high for the Broncos? Hardly. The Broncos have showed no signs this year that they can't hang with any other team in the country. The rest of the schools below BSU cannot say the same.

  4. Florida: Imagine if they hadn't lost to Ole Miss. I can't. I was just wondering if you could.

  5. Utah: Their close wins against bad teams look much worse than the Broncos' close wins against mediocre teams.

  6. USC: Why aren't pollsters penalizing the Trojans for playing in a terrible conference when they do the same to teams like Boise State and Ball State? Double standard!

  7. Texas: They haven't looked the same since that game against Oklahoma State, and had they not beaten the Sooners, I would have ranked them lower.

  8. Oklahoma: It doesn't really matter where I rank them since they're just going to fold in a big game anyway.

  9. Ball State: I have yet to make up an exception to my "How to rank undefeateds" rule that would justify my ranking undefeated Ball State at No. 9.

  10. Penn State: I really wanted Joe Paterno to go out on a high note. Him and his artificial hip.

  11. Georgia: I was one of the few who didn't have Georgia as my preseason No. 1. I had LSU.

  12. Oklahoma State: Yeah, this seems about right.

  13. Missouri: Sure. Why not?

  14. BYU: I really hope BYU does not jump back into the BCS picture with an upset of Utah this weekend. That would be the pits.

  15. Ohio State: Oh, is the Michigan - Ohio State game this weekend? I couldn't tell.

  16. Michigan State: Why are they ranked so high? Even by me, I mean.

  17. Pittsburgh: I have no idea what I was doing from this point forward.

  18. TCU

  19. LSU

  20. Oregon State

  21. Florida State

  22. Cincinnati

  23. Miami (FL)

  24. Maryland

  25. North Carolina