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Top 26 poll: surprising results from Bronco pollsters

There were some bold moves made this week by the pollsters in the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll presented by Marty Tadman. Take a look:

  • OBNUG's Nick voted Ball State ahead of Utah and Florida ahead of Alabama.

  • Jason Haberman completely left off TCU as a matter of spite.

  • Justin Corr half-jokingly voted Idaho as No. 26, causing us to half-jokingly block his email address from our inbox.

  • OBNUG's Kevan voted Boise State No. 3 overall.

Well, okay, so not everything was that surprising.

For more on the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll, visit the poll's homepage or download the Top 26 poll pdf. It's like the USA Today poll, only you won't recognize anyone's name. Buck Rogers from Statue Left defends his poll below.

  1. Alabama (5)

  2. Texas Tech (4)

  3. Florida

  4. Texas

  5. Oklahoma

  6. USC

  7. Boise State

  8. Utah

  9. Penn State

  10. Georgia

  11. Missouri

  12. Ball State

  13. Ohio State

  14. Oklahoma State

  15. Michigan State

  16. BYU

  17. North Carolina

  18. TCU

  19. LSU

  20. Florida State

  21. Pittsburgh

  22. Oregon State

  23. Tulsa

  24. South Carolina

  25. Cincinnati

  26. Wake Forest

Also receiving votes: California, Georgia Tech, Oregon

Say good-bye to: Georgia Tech, California, West Virginia, Maryland, Northwestern

This week's Top 26 poll has the privilege of hosting the opinions of Buck Rodgers from Statue Left. We asked him for a sentence or two, and he gave us 25. Fortunately, we enjoy his opinion.

1. Texas Tech: With a much improved defense after former BSU coach, D-coordinator Lyle Sentinich got fired last year, the Red Raiders are continuing show they are not a one week wonder. Have a tough schedule like Oklahoma and Texas, and if they can survive Oklahoma and the Big 12 championship game, they should be No. 1 until the end. Guns Up!
2. Bama: Was not impressed with the OT win over LSU in comparison to Tech's dominating win over Okla State.
3. Florida: Could end up in the National Champ Game.
4. Oklahoma: See Florida
5. Texas: Most likely Heisman winner in Colt McCoy but bad break with running into a hot Texas Tech team.....
6. USC: Somewhat disappointed with all of the talent/depth they have at every position, they do not blow out sub par opponents like Cal Berkeley, even when the Golden Bears have their second string QB in
7. Boise State: Could get screwed by the BCS political machine due to very light schedule and even worse conference. They can only beat who is on their schedule but Bowling Green, Oregon and So Miss were supposed to be more competitive than what their records indicate. BSU is still one year ahead of schedule. Also, it used to be a big deal when the Vandals were slated up next, now it is an afterthought.
8. Utah: Unimpressive offense, but they still remain undefeated. While everyone is looking at BYU as the major roadblock, I am not sure how a BCS Bowl reps can take a bland Utah team over a flashier/sexier Boise State. I can understand if the BCS machine goes by the numbers and picks Utah over BSU however....
9. Penn State: Losing in Iowa......did they attend a Slipknot concert the night before the game? Very ineffective performance...
10. Missouri: That li'l QB from Texas can sling the rock.....
11. Ohio State: What would have happened if Pryor would have started from the get go....maybe a win over Penn State would have resulted.
12. Ball State: Jason Whitlock, eat your heart out. I take that back, it appears you have eaten plenty as of late. Big Sexy has been pimpin' his alma mater all year long.....good for Ball State.
13. Georgia: Underachieving to say the much for Moreno being another Herschel Walker
14. Michigan State: Javon Ringer carries the ball more than anyone.....and gets some Heisman hype for it. John L Smith would slap himself in the face 100 times to still be the coach there.....instead of helping out around L'ville or pimping himself out to the Utah State brethren
15. BYU: I am the biggest BYU fan in two weeks.....get your game plan ready right now
16. Florida State: Bowden going out in a blaze of glory......and will become Joe Pa's chauffeur after this season
17. LSU: Thought they were going to pull out the upset over Saban. Wonder how this team would have done with Ryan Perilloux?
18. Oklahoma State: No lame "I'm a man, I'm 40" jokes here.
19. Tulsa: They have lost one game to a weak Arkansas team, but they are a fierce opponent. Hopefully their coach leaves for greener pastures before they face off against BSU next year.
20. Oregon State: Could win the PAC 10 title and get leapfrogged by USC into the National Title game....weird.
21. North Carolina: Stu Scott promises these guys are better than this #21 ranking
22. TCU: Great defense, lousy kicking game.....
23. Cincy: Not a fan of the all-black jerseys...I am sure a black out will be coming to the stadium sometime soon ( maybe it already has)
24. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier stated that he was not interested in the Tennessee job......just another dig at Phil Fulmer.
25. Pittsburgh: The Dave Wannstedt and the fighting Stache's always seem to get overhyped and then lay an egg.........I am sure they will not finish in the top 25