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Top 26 Poll: Broncos BCS-eligible in our little world

We like to think that the Bronco Blogger Top 26 Poll is the only poll that matters, probably because it is one of the only polls that still has Boise State ranked higher than Utah. This helps us sleep better at night.

Here is this week's version of the poll. For details and history, visit the Top 26 poll homepage or download the Top 26 poll pdf.

  1. Alabama

  2. Florida

  3. Texas

  4. Oklahoma

  5. USC

  6. Boise State

  7. Utah

  8. Penn State

  9. Texas Tech

  10. Ball State

  11. Georgia

  12. Ohio State

  13. Missouri

  14. Oklahoma State

  15. Oregon State

  16. TCU

  17. Cincinnati

  18. Florida State

  19. Michigan State

  20. Boston College

  21. BYU

  22. Oregon

  23. Georgia Tech

  24. Ole Miss

  25. Northwestern

  26. Pittsburgh

Also receiving votes: West Virginia

Say good-bye to: LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Maryland

Read more: Top 26 Poll homepage []