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Tom Cable letting this head coach thing go to his head

When former Vandals head coach Tom Cable took over at the helm of the Oakland Raiders, no one really expected him to change anything in Oakland ... other than maybe the adjustable slide on the sideline headsets. Have you seen the man's melon?

But Cable's not just stopping at gargantuan headset fitting. He's got his eye on bigger and better things, like play-calling.

After the Raiders’ pathetic 77-yard, three-first-down showing against the Falcons two weeks ago, Cable told offensive coordinator Greg Knapp that Knapp won’t call plays again this season. Cable reportedly started calling the plays Sunday against the Panthers, and although the Raiders’ offense looked better than it had against the Falcons, it still didn’t look good.

At least Cable's making the most of his time in Oakland before he's replaced in the offseason. Next week: Cable takes over kickoff duties!

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