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Tom Brandstater has senioritis, the bad kind

"Touchdown" Tommy Brandstater has not had the kind of season that he expected. In fact, he is worse than he was last year.

2007: 2654 yards, 63 percent completion, 15 TD, 5 INT, 140.48 rating
2008: 2267 yards, 59 percent completion, 17 TD, 9 INT, 132.96 rating

Whatever happened to going out on a high note? Even worse for the Fresno State QB is that he has regressed steadily throughout the season, culminating in an all-time low last week versus San Jose State when he was just 5-for-18 for 71 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. Can Phil Steele have his preseason all-conference picks back?

Brandstater was supposed to be the one to carry the Fresno State offense to new heights, but instead, he has been a liability. In the second half against San Jose State, the Bulldogs ran the ball on 24 of their final 25 plays, which says a lot about Pat Hill's confidence in his senior quarterback.

But it doesn't say as much as this guy does:

Tom Brandstater needs to go!!! The guy has been the starting QB for the last three years and there's no signs on improvement or consistent play ... When is Pat Hill gonna realize that the guy is not moving the offense and go with the next QB on the depth chart. Anybody is better than that Brandstater kid. Horrible! A horrible performance!

Ah, Fresno fans. They're so adorable when they're honest.

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