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The Utah State defense gives sieves a bad name

Would you like to score against the Aggie defense? Do you have two legs and a sense of direction?

That's all it takes these days to run up points and yards against Utah State. Their defense is one of the worst that the Broncos will face all season, which is saying a lot since Boise State plays in the WAC. But hey, they're not as bad as the University of Idaho. Yet.

They rank 106th in the nation in total defense (432.0 yards per game) and 110th in scoring defense (35.6 points per game).

Being 110th out of 119 teams is not exactly something to write home about, but it is probably good enough to make head coach Brent Guy's resume. Nevertheless, the Aggie defensive numbers do not bode well for anything going right for them on Saturday.

Stat comparison!

Points per game:

  • Boise State offense: 34.6 ppg

  • Utah State defense: 35.6 ppg

Yards per game:

  • Boise State offense: 426 ypg

  • Utah State defense: 432 ypg

Impact players:

  • Boise State offense: 11

  • Utah State defense: 0

We could go on, but we'd really rather not. Okay. You talked us into it.

  • Utah State rushing touchdowns allowed through nine games: 19

  • Utah State passing touchdowns allowed through nine games: 17

  • Utah State rushing yardage allowed per game: 182

  • Utah State total sacks: nine

You probably get the point by now. Saturday's game could get very ugly very quickly if the Aggies bring the defense that they have brought to every other game this season. Too bad Diondre Borel can't play both ways.

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