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Scoreboard!: Vandal writer takes the low road

The University of Idaho student newspaper, the Argonaut, stirred the rivalry pot this week with a sports column that belittled and marginalized Boise State. The reporter is currently weighing a job offer from the Statesman.

Vandal fans, don’t get frustrated in Wal-Mart — or any shopping center. The blue and orange migration is known to throw fit for not having the Fiesta Bowl highlight DVD on sale. Their understanding of football is two years old, and they believe the game began as soon as the Fiesta Bowl was over. Sympathize with their elementary knowledge.

It appears that Rosetta Stone English turned out to be a good investment for the U of I journalism department after all.

The article actually turned out to be a worthy shot at Boise State and its fans, and it was the first real sign of life that we have seen from the Vandals leading up to the big game on Saturday. Deonte Jackson notwithstanding. It played on the idiosyncracies and stereotypes of Bronco Nation, yet there was still a little bit of truth through all the tongue-in-cheek ribbing. In some ways, it was like looking at what OBNUG could have become had we made some very bad decisions at crucial junctures of our life.

And for that, we commend the Argonaut. It's not every day you can find a Vandal fan with wit and knowledge of how a QWERTY keyboard works.

It's not every day you can even find a Vandal fan.

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