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Root for BYU if you can bring yourself to do so

Saturday's game between No. 7 Utah and No. 14 BYU will make us do things we would never consider doing under normal circumstances - like root for BYU and watch The Mtn.

Really, as Bronco fans, we have no other options. If Boise State wins its final two games, they could very well be left out of the BCS picture thanks to an undefeated utah. Considering that Saturday's game versus BYU is the Utes' last chance for a regular season loss, Bronco Nation has some pretty clear cheering responsibilities. How does BYU's fight song go again?

We even went so far as to research how exactly one becomes a BYU fan. For those interested in finding out, we've compiled the following primer.

  • You must sing your "Woohoos."

  • You must easily buy into conspiracy theories.

  • You must be able to chug a can of Schweppe's gingerale.

All in all, being a BYU fan sounds right up our alley. At least it's not going to be as difficult as being a Utah fan.

Watch: BYU at Utah, Saturday, 6:00pm MT, The Mtn.