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Rival blog bet: Pistol Whipping the WAC, it is on!

When Nevada blog Pistol Whipping the WAC first started, we had wonderful visions of what it could become, including most notably a home for a particularly snide OBNUG article courtesy of PWtW losing a blog bet to us over the BSU - Nevada game.

Now, our dream is that much closer to reality.

PWtW and its venerable head owner/writer Packfan have agreed to tango with us in this week's version of the rival blog bet. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the rules, the winning team's blog from Saturday's game between the Broncos and the Wolf Pack gets a free post on the losing team's blog. No questions asked, no strings attached, and little to no spell-checking.

If you're interested in learning more about PWtW or Nevada, we encourage you to visit the site. We enjoy the thought and research that goes into each post, including the ones about WAC teams being horror movie characters and Nevada losing when it scores 40 points, and the rudimentary layout reminds us of simpler days.

Good luck on Saturday, Packfan. And no, we do not mean that in the slightest.

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