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Rival blog bet: KVNU's Full Court Press, it is on!

We have done the impossible this week at OBNUG: we found a Utah State blog to do a rival blog bet with.

Not only that, our competition this week is an actual, bona fide media outlet. The fine folks at AM 610 KVNU have agreed to partake in a friendly wager for Saturday's Boise State - Utah State game, despite mounds of evidence that it is not a good idea. We must not have explained the rules thoroughly enough to them.

For those of you who are new to this feature, here are those rules: the blog of the winning team in Saturday's game gets a free post on the losing team's blog. Simple as that.

We will be starting our rough draft later this evening.

KVNU Full Court Press is the particular blog with which we'll be gambling. The Full Court Press is a nightly radio show on AM 610 ("Northern Utah's Definitive Talk Station") in Logan, Utah. The show's corresponding website is sort of like visiting KTIK's main site, except no one's yelling at you and there is original content.

We found the Utah State house party story on their homepage, and they have plenty of other Utah State-centric information (Jaycee Carroll updates, anyone?). And with headlines like "USU finally getting the idea," everybody wins!

Pay them a visit for Utah State news, listen to one of their many audio clips, and send us your ideas for how we're going to cash in on this whole bet thing.

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