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Revenge much? Everyone wants it on Saturday

"Revenge is a confession of pain."
Latin Proverb

"Revenge is sweet, and I suppress my pain with Fiesta Bowl DVDs."
OBNUG's Kevan

One of the central themes to Saturday's game of Wolf Pack versus Broncos is revenge. Nevada seems to want it. Boise State seems to want it. Brian Murphy seems to want it. Hope there's enough to go around.

With so much vindication at stake, we thought we would help everyone out by sorting through the revenge factors and making a list of all the parties involved. It's hard to keep all this vengeance straight. Maybe this will help.

Nevada. The Wolf Pack want revenge for what they consider "letting one slip away" last year in Boise. The 4-OT, 69-67 loss to the Broncos has been a point of contention in Nevada land since the game ended, and the Wolf Pack players have wanted nothing more than to have another shot at BSU.

Plus, if that wasn't enough, several of the Nevada players and most Nevada fans remember the last time that Boise State played on the Pack's field and celebrated a Fiesta Bowl berth following a win. We sure remember. It was awesome. This year, Nevada is hoping to do a better job of defending its homefield and erasing the memory of 2006.

Boise State. The Broncos want revenge after allowing 67 points and a bazillion yards to Nevada last year in Bronco Stadium. They are out to prove that last year's shootout was fluke and that this year's defense is far better than the one that the Wolf Pack shredded. That game remains the last little bit of vengeance left on the Broncos' schedule, after making amends against Hawaii earlier in the year. Boise State wants to leave no doubt who the better team is on Saturday.

David Augusto. The Augster wants revenge because Chris Ault has not accepted Augusto's friend request yet on Facebook even though it has been, like, six months.

Ian Johnson. IJ doesn't really want revenge. He just wants at least seven carries.

Buster Bronco. The Bronco mascot wants revenge against the punk kid who pulled his tail in Reno two years ago. You better watch yourself, chubby 10-year-old.

Dustin Lapray. Lapray wants revenge because some guy in Reno once sold him a bandanna that was not machine washable, only the guy never told Lapray that it wasn't machine washable so Lapray went ahead and washed it and now it is ruined.

OBNUG. We want revenge because everyone else wants revenge, and we're very susceptible to peer pressure.