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Pat Hill did not lose his team; he just can't coach

Somewhere, somehow, things went very poorly for Pat Hill and his Fresno State Bulldogs. But don't for a second think that Pat Hill lost the respect of his team.

"They were still listening to me, they were still playing hard," Hill said. "It wasn't about effort, it was about execution. I never lost these kids.

Is it supposed to be a relief that Fresno's failures were a matter of execution rather than effort? In our opinion, that makes the situation worse. Essentially, Hill is saying, "The kids were playing hard, but they just didn't know what they were doing."

So which is worse: a team that gives up on its coach or a coach who can't coach his team? Hill can't get by forever with a few big wins over BCS schools and a fu manchu that makes him look like the guy from American Chopper. Sooner or later, the fact that his teams routinely fail to execute consistently will come back to bite him.

But just for the record, Pat Hill would like everyone to know that he did not "lose his team."

"Had I lost them, it would have been time for me to go. But in 12 years, I've never lost a team."

Or won an outright WAC championship.

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