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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: kissing parity good-bye

The conference took a turn for the worse last week when all the favorites lost except for Boise State and San Jose State. Wait. Did we just call San Jose State a favorite? Ugh, this is worse than we thought.

Oh, by the way, Fresno State and Nevada are on ESPN tonight. We have more important things to do ... like anything.

Kind of offended to even be called a WAC school anymore

Boise State. The Broncos are head and shoulders above the rest of the conference, which is appropriate since Head and Shoulders is head and shoulders above the rest of the shampoos on the market. Don't even start with Selson Blue. You don't want to go there.

Sucky, but not as sucky as everyone else

San Jose State. The Spartans have proved this season that they will consistently beat teams that are worse than they are. And therein lies the secret to WAC success. You taking notes, Louisiana Tech?

Hoping for more bye weeks

Nevada. The Wolf Pack escaped last week's WAC carnage by not playing anyone. Sounds like a good plan for a team that has already lost to New Mexico State and Hawaii this year. The only reason they're not lower is because they haven't screwed anything up in the last 12 days.

Beats us, we have no idea what to do with them

Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs deserve credit for taking down Fresno State last weekend. Unfortunately, they haven't really earned credit for doing anything else this year. Why don't you win on the road and then we'll talk.

Fresno State. Pat Hill's gang once again has let a WAC championship slip through their fingers. At least they got the suspense over with quickly. If the Bulldogs lose tonight against Nevada, they might be saying good-bye to a bowl game, too.

Utah State. This Diondre Borel kid seems intriguing, at least until someone figures out how to stop him. In other words, he should be intriguing for about another 22 hours or so.

Hawaii. What exactly is it that Greg McMackin does? Seriously. We don't know.

Learning to live with Nathan Enderle

. The Vandals played within six points of San Jose State, and they have a whole week off to bask in the glow of their moral victory. And then Boise State comes to town. Look out.

Beyond all hope

New Mexico State
. On the bright side, Hal Mumme has securely taken the lead in the race for "which WAC coach will be fired first." Brent Guy has some catching up to do.