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Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll: Is it over yet?

The WAC is finally starting to take shape after weeks of figurative plastic surgery in the form of upsets, upstarts, and Pat Hill motivational vagaries. Boise State is the clear cream of the crop. Nevada is the clear runner-up. San Jose State and LaTech can make some noise. And everything will probably change after this weekend is over.

Until then, here's your weekly Oxymoronic WAC Power Poll:

Tom Hanks to the WAC's Rob Schneider

Boise State. The Broncos have put together masterpieces like Saving Private Ryan and Castaway so far this season. The rest of the WAC has given us The Animal 2.

Next week's Graham Watson upset special

Nevada. Kaepernick and gang are starting to put things together just in time to have it all fall apart against Boise State next week. But if you think that historical precedent and unavoidable on-field performance are going to sway Graham Watson's opinion, you have another thing coming.

Possibly heading to bowl games that no one will watch

San Jose State. The Spartans have fallen on hard times since those heady days of 5-2. We hate to say we told you so, but this was as easy to see coming as a Kyle Reed out route. Thank you! We'll be here all week!

LaTech. Ross Jenkins at quarterback has proved to be just the kick in the jorts that the Bulldogs needed. No more Taylor Bennett weighing the team down with his carefulness. It also helps to have the toughest part of the WAC schedule behind them.

Eh, whatever

Hawaii. It seems like the Warriors have been on a bye for the past three weeks, but maybe that's just Greg McMackin's sideline presence talking. One thing's for sure, November 2008 is a whole lot different than November 2007 on the island, and we're not just talking about the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. closing.
Fresno State. We had a hard time placing the Bulldogs in the power poll this week. On the one hand, they're awful and deserve to be near the bottom. On the other hand, the entire WAC is awful. Eh, whatever.

Feisty, relatively speaking for them

Utah State. Give the Aggies credit; they played good football for about 15 to 20 minutes last Saturday against the Broncos. Even after playing BSU to within five TDs, the natives at USU are getting restless with head coach Brent Guy. Two wins just doesn't get you as far as it used to.

In over its head

Idaho. The Vandals will record their only sellout of the season on Saturday when Boise State visits the air hangar in Moscow. Credit the lower price of gasoline and Treasure Valley Global Travel outlets for that.


New Mexico State. Hal Mumme did not want to go out on these terms. He wanted at least an open omelette bar and Hallmark card that plays a song when you open it.