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Oxymoronic WAC power poll: extremely top-heavy

The WAC is slowly building quite a list of bowl-eligible teams, probably because everyone gets three automatic wins against Idaho, Utah State, and New Mexico State. Oh. Sorry, Nevada. Almost everyone gets three automatic wins.

Wishing it were in the Mountain West

Boise State. The Broncos are on pace to put up one of the most impressive WAC defensive statistics of all-time in regards to their points against versus conference opponents. We imagine a "thank-you" fruit basket is in order for Hal Mumme.

Reached its glass ceiling

Nevada. What can we say about the Wolf Pack that hasn't already been said? How about this: they almost banned alcohol from their stadium in the offseason because of fan unrest. What will they ban next? Pass defense? Oops, we may have spoken too soon.

Above-average, which is great for them

LaTech. Close your eyes. Now, picture the Louisiana Tech team that was steamrolled by the Broncos back in October. You got it? They look pretty pathetic, right? OK, now open your eyes. Hey look! Here they are in third place in the conference and all that's changed is their quarterback. You've got to love the WAC!

San Jose State. The Spartans are very likely to be the WAC's only bowl-eligible team to be left out of a bowl game. That's what Dick Tomey gets for running an offense that could best be described as "pointless." Pun not intended.

Dreaming of mid-December bowl games

Hawaii. Who doesn't love the Hawaii Bowl? We don't, actually. But for the Warriors, a spot in the island H-Bowl would be a huge success for a team with so much turnover as Hawaii. One thing's for sure, Boise State won't be as excited to stay home for its bowl game.

Fresno State. Could the Bulldogs vs. Broncos be any less exciting at this point? We have only Pat Hill to blame for this. The Fresno head man completed another WAC tailspin, this time in epic fashion, already dropping three conference games and nearly losing to NMSU, Utah State, and Idaho. Yikes.

On John L. Smith's "Cats playing jazz" wall calendar

Utah State. Win one for the Guy? Chances are this mantra won't be tossed around the USU program much in the next week. One thing that might be tossed around? Diondre Borel interceptions. Those are a given.

Planning for 2009 or, more realistically, 2011

Idaho. The Vandals played a good few minutes of football against the Broncos last Saturday, and you can guarantee that Robb Akey will be using game footage of those few minutes on all his in-state recruiting trips this season. "Do you see that botched BSU fake field goal? That was all us."

New Mexico State. The cries for firing Hal Mumme have yet to be answered. What gives? If Mumms lives to see another season at NMSU, it will be the greatest coaching maneuver in his tenure with the team. Sadly.