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Odds and ends: OT commits, Doug Martin stars

A couple of miscellaneous tidbits to tide you over through the evening:

Second O-line recruit joins Broncos' 2009 class

Foothill High (Nevada) OT Jake Broyles has committed to the Broncos. The 6'6", 250-pound lineman was fielding offers from the likes of Nevada and Fresno State, so it's safe to say he made the right decision. Now let's get working on those violent hands!
Broyles has the chance to be a very good offensive guard once he learns to have violent hands that he can use as a weapon to stalemate and control the opposition.

Thanks to Fight Fight BSU and several readers for the tip.

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Doug Martin feature article in Statesman tomorrow

We have never been more rapt with attention. It's like waiting for Christmas morning.

Sleep tight, dear little OBNUG readers. Tomorrow will indeed be a great day.

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