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OBNUG cashes in blog bet with Bleed Crimson

New Mexico State blog Bleed Crimson was a good sport all week long, answering our petty questions, posting our petty replies to their thought-provoking questions, and even wagering straight up with us on the Aggie - Bronco game on Saturday. Remind us never to take them to Vegas.

Courtesy of the Broncos' 49-0 win over the Aggies, we were allowed a free post on Bleed Crimson's site as payment for our friendly wager. We took advantage the only way we know how: writing an excerpt from a fake novel about Chase Holbrook and Hal Mumme. Here's an excerpt of that excerpt:

Chase slowly rose from his seat and made his way toward Mumme's hospital room. It seemed like just yesterday that he and Mumme were soft-tossing the night away, dreaming of the football glory that the Air Raid offense would bring them, and wondering aloud what they'd wear on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. Chase was going to go with a rugby polo. Mumme was partial to a v-neck sweater, bolo tie, and a towel draped over his right shoulder. They were going to be kneeling together in the Aggie end zone, holding a football together. Greg Wojciechowski was going to write it.

The full post is up right now on Bleed Crimson, so we encourage you to go take a look. We're not sure how long it will be there before Aggie administrators take it down.

Read more: Excerpt taken from "Holbrook me tender, Mumme me sweet" [Bleed Crimson]