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No pressure: It's only Nevada's biggest game ever

The Wolf Pack are taking Saturday's game against Boise State very seriously, and for good reason. IT'S THE BIGGEST GAME OF ALL-TIME EVER!!!

If the Nevada football team topples Western Athletic Conference giant Boise State on Saturday at Mackay Stadium, it would unequivocally be the greatest victory for the Wolf Pack since the program joined the FBS...

No pressure or anything.

It seems like the Wolf Pack have had this date circled on their calendar since the day after last year's loss to the Broncos. Nevada players live for the Boise State game. Nevada fans live for it. Head coach Chris Ault lives for it, while also living for someone to publish his memoirs ".

"I don’t like it. I don’t go to sleep well thinking about that game. It’s on my mind all the time," senior C Dominic Green said. "It’s the one game on our minds all the time."

Perhaps this would explain the losses to New Mexico State (seriously?) and Hawaii.

The mindset of the Wolf Pack will certainly help them get excited about Saturday's showdown in Reno, but emotion can only carry you so far. Just ask Idaho. It lasted about seven minutes for them.

The approach of the Broncos is probably a safer, saner way to go. Boise State looks at each opponent as a must-win game. Every week, the Broncos are playing the "biggest game of the year," not just in the games against big rivals. Does BSU want to get back at Colin Kaepernick and gang for running ragged over them a year ago? You bet they do. But the revenge factor is no greater than it was in taking back bragging rights against Hawaii or avenging Chase Holbrook's big passing day in 2006.

Saturday's game against Nevada is simply another in a season of big games for the Broncos. Saturday's game against Boise State is A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH OMG WE CAME OUT OF OUR MOTHER'S WOMBS READY FOR THIS GAME for the Wolf Pack.

Advantage: Broncos.

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