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No, Coach Pete does not want to coach your team

Sorry to disappoint you, far-from-sober Huskies fan.

Our apologies, Tennessee Volunteer alumnus in jorts.

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen is not going anywhere. We think.

Honestly, after the Judasing of Dan Hawkins, we Bronco fans cannot be too sure of anything any more. But we feel pretty good about believing Coach Pete when he says "Shove off" to any sort of coaching rumors during the season. He sounds 100 percent committed to staying in Boise for as long as Boise will have him. In other words, he will be staying in Boise forevers.

The only thing I'll say is, I don't think it's a bad thing when people are talking about that, because it just means that we're doing well," Petersen said. "They're going to talk about you one way or another. If you're not winning enough games, they'll talk about you leaving as well."

Washington can come knocking as often as they want, and Tennessee can hypothesize to their little heart's content. Coach Pete is not going anywhere, especially if his personal Pro/Con list that we dug up is any indication.


  • More money

  • A city with a Trader Joe's

  • No more David Augusto


  • Inevitable losing

  • Getting fired in three years for going 18-20 with two bowl appearances

  • The chance of being stuck in a conference with Jim Harbaugh or Urban Meyer

  • Gene Bleymaier said he'd kill me, and I kind of believe him

  • Finding an Idaho Fitness Club with an elliptical machine

  • A fanbase that's not as patient with things like "the Q" and "false start penalties"

  • Brent Musburger

  • No Fresno on the schedule

Not mentioned: OBNUG. We're not sure if it would have been a pro or a con, though.

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