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No. 10 vs. No. 158: The rivalry lives on indeed

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According to Jeff Sagarin and his Jeff Sagarin ratings, there is only a slight difference between Boise State football and University of Idaho football - a slight, 148-team difference.

The Broncos currently sit at No. 10 in Sagarin's index of all Division I teams. The Vandals are at No. 158, the second worst I-A team in the country. Excited about tomorrow's game yet?

Sagarin is far from alone on his stance of Idaho = horrible, Boise State = incredible. The Sagarin ratings are one of the six computer rankings used to determine computer portion of the BCS standings, and the other five PCs give the Vandals a similar giant thumbs down (using a combination of ones and zeros, naturally).

  • Anderson & Hester: Boise State No. 6, Idaho No. 116

  • Richard Billingsley: Boise State No. 10, Idaho No. 118

  • Colley Matrix: Boise State No. 8, Idaho No. 118

  • Kenneth Massey: Boise State No. 9, Idaho No. 147

  • Dr. Peter Wolfe: Boise State No. 11, Idaho No. 114

Let's see Rob Spear try to spin that one.

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