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Nevada - OBNUG blog bet paid off with mad lib

Thanks to Boise State's 41-34 win over Nevada last Saturday, we had the opportunity to bring down the collective respectability of the Wolf Pack's finest blog website.

Will a Colin Kaepernick mad lib do the trick?

As recompense for our winning last week's blog bet, Nevada's Pistol Whipping the WAC now features our literary attempt at humor on its front page. If you love thinking up different parts of speech and making fun of Kaepernick's passing ability, then you might want to check it out.

The pass wobbled like a (water fowl) and sailed (multiple of 10) feet wide of everybody.

"I'll put more (body part) into it this time," Kaepernick said.
The full post can be found on the PWtW website, and we even went the extra mile and filled in the blanks ourselves to show you how it's done. Read our version here.

On a semi-related note, there will not be a blog bet this week because the Fresno State blogs will not return our emails. Their loss.

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