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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/5

Did anyone else write-in Bronco players for the local electoral positions they didn't know anything about? No? Just us? Forget we said anything then.

Pat Forde's playoff system does not include Broncos []
It must, therefore, be based loosely on a playoff system that Graham Watson came up with.

Pete Carroll not a fan of the BCS []
Especially when it's not working for Pete Carroll

Pat Hill to Washington? [Scott Slant]
Then who will lose winnable WAC games? We mean besides Chris Ault.

You don't want to be a quarterback and play against the Broncos [Bronco Beat]
However, being a Bronco quarterback is a pretty sweet gig if you can get it (apologies to Bush Hamdan).

Utah State's Borel is pretty much Colin Kaepernick [Statesman]
Fortunately, the 2008 BSU defense is not the 2007 BSU defense.

Utah State scouting report reveals reasons not to be scared [Statesman]
Nothing like a team with a quarterback who leads the running backs in rushing.

D.J. Harper is healthy again [Press-Tribune]
Welcome back to third-string, Mr. Harper.

Stewart Mandel ranks Broncos behind TCU []
Thank goodness Mandel's power poll is not part of the BCS formula. We think.