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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/26

It's time to get our sentimental on. With the Bronco seniors playing their final game at Bronco Stadium on Friday (hopefully), it will be our last chance to see Ian Johnson, Vinny Perretta, Andrew Woodruff, Mike T. Williams ... you get the idea. Is there any way the Broncos lose to Fresno on Friday with intangibles like that?

You'll have to wait for our game prediction to know for sure. It will be posted later today, along with a whole bunch of other good stuff. Thursday and Friday will be low key for the holiday, but do plan your life around an open comment thread during the game on Friday afternoon (4:00pm, ESPN2).

Complete list of Boise State seniors []
Nice of them to keep David Shields on there.

Poinsettia Bowl sounds like a lot of fun [Statesman]
SeaWorld and go-kart races? Plus the chance to beat up on an overrated MWC team? Where do we sign up?

Nevada's Ault doesn't want to go to a bowl with a 6-6 record [Murph's Turf]
Or with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback.

Ball State finishes perfect regular season against Michigan something-or-other [Yahoo]
Congratulations to the Cardinals, and condolences on the GMAC Bowl.

Broncos favored by 21 points on Friday [The Spread]
Boy, ESPN sure is good at picking these matchups.

Even Kaepernick knows he's a bad passer [Gazette-Journal]
Bringing the total number of those who know to about everyone.

Bush Hamdan wouldn't change anything about college [Press-Tribune]
Except for maybe the whole "losing to Taylor Tharp" thing.

Andrew Woodruff sounds pretty crazy [Statesman]
Painting devil horns on his face before the game? What does he think this is? The Big XII?

Ignoring certain teams is key to the BCS working, says the Onion [Onion]
Hilarious, and painfully true.

TE Chris O'Neill could return for bowl game [Dave's Blog]
Unless it's the Humanitarian Bowl, in which case, he's good.