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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/25

Friday is Senior Day at the Boise State game, and it might be the last time that players like Ian Johnson and Vinny Perretta take the field. Our good friend Drew over at Fight Fight BSU has put together an online petition if you want to leave some kind words for the Broncos' seniors. We're still crafting ours because we get teary-eyed every time we think about it.

Also, we forgot to mention this yesterday, but the Broncos are still at No. 9 in all the polls. Don't believe us? Click here.

Coach Pete won't lobby for a BCS spot [Murph's Turf]
Or a Humanitarian Bowl spot.

Broncos not looking ahead to a bowl game [Dave's Blog]
Especially if the bowl game is the H-Bowl.

Could Bush Hamdan get the start on Friday? [Bronco Beat]
For a play or two, sure.

Vinny Perretta says a tearful good-bye to Bronco fans []
And reveals that his full name is Vincent Perretta. We're not yet sure how this makes us feel.

If ESPN had its way, Boise State would be in the H-Bowl []
And, sadly, ESPN usually gets its way.

Fresno State's running back infirmary [Statesman]
No Ryan Mathews on Saturday Friday. Not that it will matter much.

Fresno State scouting report comes across rather blah [Statesman]
And this was the team that everyone thought would be a BCS buster?

Vote Buster Bronco for 2008 Mascot Challenge [Capital One]
He's up against Maryland's Testudo, who definitely has the advantage on unintentional comedy.