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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/24

Happy Monday, Bronco fans. It's always easier to come to work on Monday after a Bronco win. It's even easier, knowing that this is a short Thanksgiving week. As such, OBNUG's posting schedule will be a little different. We plan on inundating you with posts today through Wednesday and then taking the holiday off before our open thread on Friday. Don't worry. It will be healthy for you to be with your families.

Our game analysis in a bit. Links to follow:

Game recaps:

Perretta and Pettis take the wide receiver spotlight [Press-Tribune]
Sure was nice of Jeremy Childs to share it for one week.

Bronco defense the real key to victory [Press-Tribune]
Boise State did everything we expected except snap one of Kaepernick's legs in two.

Three INTs in the third quarter did not rattle Kellen Moore [Press-Tribune]
Taylor Tharp, however, was rattled just watching on TV.

Karl Benson would like to think Broncos have BCS shot [Press-Tribune]
Technically, it is in his WAC commissioner contract to think so.

Brian Murphy starting to like Kellen Moore as much as we do [Statesman]
And it only took him three months.

Poinsettia Bowl, anyone? [Statesman]
If it saves BSU from the H-Bowl, we are all for it.

The strategy behind Boise State's Nevada defense [Statesman]
Justin Wilcox is a genius.

Austin Pettis came up with big plays [Statesman]
Although, his fade routes could use more fading and less diving.

The BCS is flawed, especially since Boise State isn't in it [BNN]
Oh well. There's always that Roady's Bowl thing.

Vinny Perretta gets emotional on his blog []
Join the club, Vinny.

"Take back the WAC? Broncos should have bigger goals" [Statesman]
Because then they would be just like Fresno.