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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/21

Many thanks to those who have donated money toward our efforts of buying a Michigan fan and making him our own. We are well on our way toward buying his allegiance, so if you haven't given yet, please consider doing so. You won't find a better cause.

On an entirely unrelated note, look at the neck on Colin Kaepernick. Good grief. Is there anything about this kid that is normal?

Game prediction coming soon. Links to tide you over.

Broncos have bitterly motivating memories of Kaepernick [Press-Tribune]
That's funny. So do we. Except replace "bitterly motivating" with "increasingly bewildered."

Brian Murphy calls for a playoff [Murph's Turf]
Good. Now Barack Obama can officially go about giving us a playoff.

Childs will stay in school, not turn pro early [Statesman]
Thanks for bringing it up, Chadd Cripe, and jinxing it for everybody.

All we want for Christmas is a BCS bowl [BNN]
And a Brookstone foot massager that plays our MP3s.

Phil Dailey makes a bold, confident 38-15 prediction [Press-Tribune]
This is why he can never work for a media outlet like ESPN ... or the Statesman.

Reno welcomes Bronco fans with open arms [Press-Tribune]
And, not coincidentally, open casino doors.

Kyle Brotzman on his own for getting out of his funk [Statesman]
Want proof? Brotzman's kicking coach is Brock Jaramillo and Brad Elkin.

We hate you, too, Bruce Feldman []
We never thought we'd meet someone who would make us appreciate Graham Watson.

Ryan Clady good enough for a Pro Bowl pick? [Football Outsiders]
For that matter, good enough to be offensive rookie of the year?