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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/19

Still no final word on whether or not ESPN has picked up the Nevada game. We'll let you know as soon as we know, which is to say, as soon as Chadd Cripe posts something on his blog (can you wait until next Monday?). Links!

The Wolf Pack would like to remind you that they play defense, too [Press-Tribune]
Nevada's defense being ranked 2nd against the run is a lot like NMSU's defense being first against the pass.

Phil Dailey taking credit for himself [Dailey's Bottom Line]
Yes, that Louisiana Tech pick was downright clairvoyant.

Nevada offense is kind of scary [Statesman]
At least, one dimension of it is.

LaTech could be headed to the Independence Bowl [Shreveport Times]
Perfect. We were not planning on watching the Independence Bowl anyway.

Wear orange if you're in Reno []
But not to work on a Wednesday? Wish we would have received that memo before we got dressed this morning.

Not everyone despises KTVB [BNN]
Even though it is so easy to do it.

Broncos just a 6.5-point favorite against Nevada [BetFirms]
Apparently, 89 percent of bettors like those odds.