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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/18

In yet another example of Graham Watson being out of touch with Boise State football, the ESPN non-BCS blogger picked the Broncos to go to the Humanitarian Bowl this year, even if BSU goes undefeated the rest of the way. How depressing.

Here are some less depressing daily links:

Quite possibly the worst article we've ever read [Times-News]
And we read Graham Watson's stuff every day.

One last, final look back at the Vandal game [Statue Left]
Thank goodness for hotlinking.

ESPN to air BCS games in January 2011 []
America to hear a lot less about how corrupt the BCS is, starting in 2011.

Coach Pete: "Biggest game of the year" on Saturday against Nevada [Times-News]
Ditto next week.

The Hammer lives to see another game [Press-Tribune]
Will Andrew Woodruff feel compelled to "Hammer" the Nevada painted end zone?

Everyone rushing to Brent Guy's defense all of a sudden [Dailey's Bottom Line &]
Where were these people when Guy was going 8-38?

Jeremy Childs named BSU's offensive player of the week over Avery [Statesman]
Inspiring Avery to run for 20 yards per carry on Saturday.