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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/17

Anyone worried about Nevada? We can't decide yet.

We'll have more postgame analysis and game balls from the Vandals - Broncos game, as well as some WAC news that has been a long time coming. Links!

Game recaps

Vinny Perretta blogs his feelings on Idaho and Nevada []
Places a lot of pressure on Bronco Nation to show up en masse in Reno.

Graham Watson wastes no time touting Nevada []
Next week, she will waste no time touting Fresno State.

Bronco offensive line earns ESPN helmet sticker []
Well, everything must be alright with them now. That seals it.

Dustin Lapray sure enjoyed the Moscow atmosphere [BSU Blog]
And the free Vandal scarves. They keep your neck so warm!

Will Hoenike calling for more Jeremy Avery carries [ISZ]
Joining us, circa three weeks ago.

Byron Hout is making a name for himself [Press-Tribune]
Robb Akey may have just realized that Hout was from Northern Idaho and that Akey probably should have recruited him.

Shea McClellin out for a while [Press-Tribune]
Disappointing. The Bronco defensive line depth is hurting for the first time this season.

Doug Martin might not get to carry the Hammer again for awhile [Press-Tribune]
Which is too bad because we think the Reno crowd would really enjoy it.

Most exciting play of the game happened before the game even started [Statesman]
We were just glad that Doug Martin was involved.

Avery sets school record for rushing average [Statesman]
Ian Johnson sets school record for fewest times his name was mentioned in a game.

Kyle Brotzman is looking over his shoulder at Brock Jaramillo [Statesman]
Who, in turn, is looking over his own shoulder wondering who Kyle Brotzman is looking at.