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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/14

Thanks to everyone who offered Vandal jokes to us yesterday. Those were some good ones. If you haven't yet voted in our weekly game poll, you can do so in the sidebar. Currently, there is only one delusional person who thinks Idaho will win. Let's keep it that way.

The game prediction will be up in a bit. In the meantime, here are today's links:

10 things you need or don't need to know about Idaho [Fight Fight BSU]
Or, five times the amount of wins the Vandals have on the season.

Wearing Tootsie rolls helps George Iloka somehow [Murph's Turf]
Helps make him seem that much cooler, maybe.

Julian Hawkins yet another solid Bronco senior [Bronco Beat]
Too bad we can't keep any of these guys around next season, retroactive to Marty Tadman.

BNN adds Intense Debate to site [BNN]
We'd like to take credit for discovering the commenting system, but that would be selfish of us. And erroneous.

Did Vandals spend bye week making changes to gameplan? [Scott Slant]
For instance, will Nathan Enderle still be a part of said gameplan?

San Diego State not in the business of helping anyone but themselves [Union-Tribune]
Losing to Utah might be better for the Aztecs in the long run, worse for Broncos in the short run.

Boise State No. 3 in the country in turnovers [Dave's Blog]
They sure have come a long way from last season.

Vandals could keep it close if a miracle happens [ISZ]
And judging by their 2-8 record, miracles don't happen.

Robb Akey recruited Kellen Moore [Times-News]
No wonder he chose Boise State so quickly.

Butch Otter's perspective on Bronco - Vandal rivalry [Press-Tribune]
Good. We had been waiting to hear from him.

More fascinating stats about Broncos' defense [Statesman]
On pace to allow 64 WAC points total. Sixty. Four.

Been awhile since a good "Fire Brent Guy" column [Deseret News]
And it does not disappoint.