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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/13

Good morning, Bronco fans. As promised, the Statesman featured Doug Martin in its paper today with a very interesting article on Martin's upbringing and conversion from basketball to football. Check it out here. We did not know it was possible to love him more than we currently do.

Here are today's links.

DT J.P. Nisby not all that flexible [Murph's Turf]
Or svelte.

Graham Watson putting words in Coach Pete's mouth []
Words like, "Graham Watson is the best non-BCS blogger in the history of non-BCS bloggers."

Bronco Nation podcast covers everything there is to cover [BNN]
Marty Tadman notwithstanding.

Oh, right. That's why we hate Idaho [Fight Fight BSU]
Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Bronco secondary is key to Bronco defense [Times-News]
Along with the defensive line and linebackers. So, pretty much everybody.

Deonte Jackson benefits from Vandal's running back depth [Press-Tribune]
Likewise, from loosely enforced team rules and suspension policies.

Bronco - Vandal game to be Idaho's only sellout of the season [Scott Slant]
As reported by the Vandals, which probably means 10,000 people will show up.

The WAC doesn't do so hot when compared to other conferences [Bleacher Report]
Then again, neither does the Pac-10.

Boise State national championship pays $20,000 for every $100 [Gambling911]
Ed's note: OBNUG does not condone gambling (unless it is over $25,000 for every $100).