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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/12

Everyone excited about Saturday's game? Yeah, we're getting there, too. What we are excited about is this Mountain West expansion talk. Check out the first link below for more details.

Also of note today, we have two very special posts that we hope you'll enjoy. One has to do with Brian Murphy, and the other has to do with mustaches. Now that's something we can all get excited about.

Paul J. Schneider starts Mountain West rumors a-swirling [Murph's Turf]
"Did Bob Kustra receive an invitation letter" is the new "Who shot J.R."

ESPN makes move to host BCS in 2011 [Dr. Saturday]
Potentially making Beano Cook the happiest man in America.

Vandal rivalry a lot easier to get up for if you're from Idaho [Scott Slant]
Byron Hout and Nate Potter understand. George Iloka is probably wondering what everyone's talking about.

Yep, Broncos' BCS chances still look slim [Murph's Turf]
But thanks anyway for the reminder.

Chadd Cripe predicts six bowl-eligible WAC teams [Bronco Beat]
Let's hear it for weak non-conference scheduling!

The BCS is as corrupt as ever [BNN]
Even more so now that a Bronco blogger has said so.

Statesman digs deep to find good player on Vandal defense [Statesman]
Jury's still out on whether he's relatively-speaking good or just plain good.

Idaho Vandals at a glance [Statesman]
A disappointing, underperforming glance.