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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/11

There was some big news out of Moscow last night. Vandals RB Deonte Jackson was charged with battery by one of his three teammates who were suspended last week for the same charge. Jackson has not been suspended. Double standard? You betcha! We'll get into this more in a little bit.

In the meantime, here are today's links, brought to you by the wacko opinions of Mark Schlabach:

Mark Schlabach has little respect for non-BCS schools []
Even less for the ones who don't play in the Mountain West Conference.

Akey avoids "donks" talk in lieu of not being able to think up anything better [Murph's Turf]
Also in lieu of not wanting to lose 60-0 on Saturday.

Georgia prep quarterback would really like to play for the Broncos [Fight Fight BSU]
We're talking Cable Guy-ish levels of wanting to play for the Broncos.

Recruiting game just another part of Bronco-Vandal rivalry [Times-News]
Just another part that the Vandals are losing.

Nevada is WAC's last hope for a conference competition [Press-Tribune]
Which is too bad because Nevada is Nevada.

Boise State's "work in progress" is 9-0 [Press-Tribune]
New Mexico State's "work in progress" is 3-6.

Things are going great besides turnovers and penalties [Statesman]
That's when playing in the WAC comes in handy.

Jarrell Root done for season [Statesman]
Byron Hout's imaginary stock just rose.

Boise State to the Poinsettia Bowl? Shoot us now [Salt Lake Tribune]
The only thing worse than a bowl named after flowers is a bowl named after truck stops.

Catching up with Vinny Perretta [RawHide Nation]
Vinny sees pro ball in his future; hopefully he's not referring to the Boise Burn.

Boise State vs. Nevada might be a sell-out after all [Reno Gazette-Journal]
Kudos to the Wolf Pack for finally getting people to their stadium ... by selling copious amounts of tickets to BSU fans.

Boise State or Utah is the new BCS debate [New York Times]
We preferred Auburn or USC.