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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/10

That WAC sure is something, isn't it? Utah State showed a little bit of fight on Saturday, but the Broncos had 12 penalties and three turnovers and still won by 35 points. Only in the WAC.

We'll have some game analysis up in a bit, and we'll post game balls, BCS updates, a WAC recap, and more throughout the day. Here are today's links:

Game recaps:



Broncos' first defensive TD was a weird one [Press-Tribune]
Good thing Utah State offensive linemen have trouble distinguishing a pass from a fumble.

Bronco receivers: 24 catches, 362 yards, five TDs [Press-Tribune]
Somewhere Titus Young slips further away from the public's consciousness.

Boise State is set for several years pretty much everywhere [Press-Tribune]
This means Graham Watson should be a BSU fan for at least another two years or so.

Boise State's BCS scenarios [Statesman]
Of course we're rooting against Oregon State. They totally let Utah off the hook earlier this season.

More praise for the Bronco receivers [Statesman]
Come on, Magic Valley Times-News; everyone's doing it!

Vandals and Wolf Pack provide very different challenges for BSU [Statesman]
For instance, "no challenge" and "little challenge," respectively.

Diondre Borel was not all that good [Statesman]
Sean Setzer was better, considering no one knew who Sean Setzer was.

Broncos can win WAC on Saturday [Statesman]
Thanks to the WAC being awful.