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Morning paper: Boise State football links 11/20

Media fight! The Statesman's Brian Murphy posted on his blog indisputable evidence that Doug Martin did, in fact, "Hammer" the Vandal logo last Saturday when he led the team out before the game, contrary to what Tom Scott reported. Murphy then passive-aggressively called out Scott in what we can only hope leads to some epic staredowns at the media buffet in Reno on Saturday. This is one of many reasons why we want media passes.

Marty Tadman is in the news today. We'll get to that later. Here are the links:

Kaepernick no longer a mystery [Gazette-Journal]
However, where he found such skinny football pants is still up in the air.

Let's hear it for fear-mongering! [Press-Tribune]
In case you hadn't heard, the Nevada offense is hitting on all cylinders.

Hunter White kind of looks like an old man [Times-News]
Or was that not the point of the story and accompanying photo?

Bronco punt return unit is officially scary [Statesman]
Let's see the Nevada media turn that into some scary propaganda for Pack fans.

Vandal - Bronco fan fight surfaces on YouTube [Statue Left]
Brian Murphy and Tom Scott are taking notes.

Yes, Boise fans can't help but be a little paranoid [PWtW]
It's more of a constant state of paranoia, really.

Ball State stays undefeated [Yahoo]
Feel free not to care.

Broncos get job done with no-name defense [Gazette-Journal]
Funny. We know every single defensive player's name.