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KVNU Full Court Press pays up blog bet

Thanks to the Broncos' 49-14 win over the Aggies on Saturday, we kept our perfect record with blog bets in tact this season, sticking it to Utah State sports radio blog KVNU Full Court Press.

Our post is currently up on their home page, and it is pretty much what you have come to expect from one of our rants: narrow-minded, hastily-penned, and juvenile. In other words, it is everything we ever wanted it to be.

Inspired by Diondre Borel's uninspirational performance in Saturday's game, we came up with a simple test to determine whether or not you are capable of duplicating Borel on the field. Here's a sample question:

True or False: Running backward toward your own goalline is a good idea.
A. True.
B. False.

The full Diondre Borel Aptitude Test is at the KVNU site as we speak. We hear Colin Kaepernick aced it.

Read more: How many questions can you get right? [KVNU's Full Court Press]