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Gameday open thread: Broncos vs. Aggies

UPDATE: A Mark Johnson live-blog broke out!

With apologies to Hank Williams, Jr., we are ready for some football.

It has already been a busy college football Saturday with Fresno State falling on the road to LaTech, Utah State pulling the upset over Hawaii, and the Vandals getting blown out by SJSU. Speaking of blowouts, the Broncos and Aggies are underway.

Come join us in the comments during the Boise State - New Mexico State game (KTVB, ESPN360, ESPN Gameplan, etc.), and share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings on Ian Johnson, Hal Mumme, and more. You might even learn a new word or two!

See you in the comments. Go Broncos!

Impromptu Mark Johnson live-blog of Mark Johnson-isms!

  • "Kyle Brotzman's first kickoff went eight yards into the end zone. After the five-yard penalty, he should be able to get it two yards deep."

  • Mixes up Dan Paul and Ian Johnson.

  • Talking over the referee. Classic Paul Maguire.

  • Mark Johnson believes that illegal formation is a loss of down penalty. It's not. It's a five-yard penalty, but NMSU declined it.

  • Offsides on the kickoff. Mark Johnson calls it "another delay of game." Seriously? On the kickoff, Mark Johnson?

  • Mark Johnson: "Polo Gutierrez pulled out on that play." No one pulled.

  • Tanyon Bissell's name escapes Mark Johnson. The stuttering was fun, though.

  • "He is on FIRE!" (speaking of Austin Pettis)

  • "Ellis Powers is 5'8"" ... Actually, Mark Johnson, he's 5'10".

  • After the Aggies call a timeout: "That mean it's time to pull the towel from between your shoulders and put it on your right shoulder."

  • "...before the first half buzzer."

  • "Jeron Johnson makes the play." Or Hunter White. Same thing.

  • "Another illegal formation on the Broncos - oh, wait - that was an offsides." So which one is it when the line moves early?

  • "It is 35-0 Broncos in what could be the beginnings of a rout."

  • Confuses Harper for Childs.

  • Fourth down for the Aggies. "Obviously it's go-time for the Aggies." They punt. Obviously.

  • "First down for 'Doug Harper.'"

  • After Kyle Wilson's put return TD ... "He's on the Bronco Nagurski watch list ... that'll make them watch him a little more."

  • "Give up the middle. That's Avery. No, wait. That's Doug Martin."

  • Saying "goose egg" way too often.