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Gameday comment thread: Broncos vs. Aggies

Happy gameday, Bronco fans.

You've come to the right place to talk about the Utah State - Boise State game and to complain about whatever penalty Mark Johnson is butchering during the play-by-play. Welcome to the gameday comment thread. If you're watching at home (noon-ish, KTVB, ESPN360, no Gameplan) or near a computer, feel free to use this post as the home for all your Bronco opinion, analysis, and lengthy diatribes.

We'll be at the stadium today, so keep an eye out for a small-to-medium OBNUG sign floating around the crowd. Also, we'll be trying our hardest to mobile-post some pictures and text, so keep an eye out on the site for that.

Talk to you soon. Go Broncos!