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Game recap: Broncos roll, Aggies let them

When it comes to lopsided games, they don't get much more lopsided than Saaturday's Bronco blowout of NMSU. Enjoying the Hal Mumme era yet, Aggie fans?

Winning 49-0 was misleading. The Broncos could have won by at least two touchdowns more. Oh well. It's not like there's anything to complain about in a 49-point win - except offside penalties on kickoffs.

Here are some thoughts on the Broncos win. We're pretty sure there's no way we could have mentioned everything good that happened Saturday night, so let us know what we missed down in the comments.

... maybe it was just us, but it seemed like the Bronco second-teamers were in about midway through the first quarter ... welcome back, old Ian Johnson ... that NMSU pass defense sure was something, wasn't it? ... Nate Potter looked good on the offensive line, along with everyone else ... Steven Reveles' arm injury mattered very little against the Aggies ... Running the ball? Seriously, Hal Mumme? ... take away Kellen Moore's interception and Julian Hawkins' fumble and you probably have a 63-0 game .. one thing NMSU was good at: Chase Holbrook falling forward on fourth and inches ... Kyle Wilson's punt return TD was the first punt return TD in three years? guess we made up all those Tadman punt return TDs in our head ... did you know Kyle Efaw was from Capital? ...

Guys like Byron Hout are why we're not letting our kid play high school football

The true freshman defensive end saw plenty of playing time on Saturday, and he looked very comfortable rushing off the edge. Hout finished with seven tackles and a sack, and he looks to be a big part of the Bronco "D" in the next few weeks.

All this from a high school LINEBACKER. For comparison, we played llinebacker in high school and spent the next year getting fat off cafeteria pudding. Hout has gone from high school linebacker to destructive pass-rushing defensive end in less than a year's time. The only people who could possibly not be impressed by that are George Iloka and Jamar Taylor.

... you know how we're all excited about running backs in a couple years? Well, how about that defensive line a couple years from now? Check it out: freshman Shea McClellin, freshman Byron Hout, sophomore Ryan Winterswyk, freshman Billy Winn, etc.; Chase Holbrook must be glad he's graduating ... we are just as ashamed as you are that Chrissy Johnson has a personalized #41 jersey that says "Mrs. Johnson" ... Drew Hawkins must be wondering what he's got to do to get in the game ... was the Las Cruces Taco John's having a burrito special? Where was everyone? ... the only reason we would hope for close games down the stretch is so that Tom Scott and Mark Johnson don't have to make small talk ...

Chase Holbrook wasn't the only one who didn't show up

Chris Williams was the WAC's leading receiver? And they say numbers never lie.

The Aggie speedster was as much to blame for the NMSU's loss as anyone else, catching only four balls for 24 yards. But that doesn't even tell the whole disappointing story. Williams had a 16-yard average on kickoff returns. He let a pass doink off his hands and be intercepted by Kyle Wilson. And he coughed up the ball when Chase McClellin hit him from behind after a reception. And that 4.2 speed? We may have seen it once when he outran Ellis Powers on an 8-yard gain. Funny, it was not as magical as we were led to believe.

... ah, the Air Raid ... do you think there was ever a point in the game where Chris Petersen was worried about the outcome? ... Jeremy Childs reminded us of why he's so great, not that we had necessarily forgotten ... sure was nice of the Broncos to give Vinny Perretta the night off ... where was Kyle Gingg 2008 last season? ... congratulations are in order for Jeron Johnson for not getting any personal foul penalties ... NMSU blitzes were routinely not effective, which was pretty much par for the course ... Brock Jaramillo's consecutive extra points streak stands at two ...

New Mexico State defense provides good practice reps for Bronco O-line

The Broncos had yet to be terribly good running the football, but that, it seems, is what the Aggies are on the schedule for. Boise State accumulated 216 yards on the ground and could have had more if they were interesting in having more. All four Bronco backs had at least 30 yards (and a 6-yard average), and they each looked good running through holes and breaking takles.

Speaking of holes, there were some for the first time in a month or two. Credit the Bronco o-line for that; it could be just the confidence boost they needed.