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Game prediction: Boise State 52, Utah State 7

Your first thought might be, "What? No shutout?"

And your second thought might be, "What? Only 52 points?"

You're right. We can't argue with either of those. A shutout of 63-0 or 70-0 proportions is entirely likely given the perfect storm that the Aggies are entering. Boise State is at home, Utah State is terrible on defense, and Coach Pete needs to run up the score to impress those fickle BCS computers.

Sorry, Brent Guy. Nothing personal. Your team is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The way we see it, there's going to be no stopping the Bronco offense. Boise State found a groove last week against NMSU, in large part because the NMSU defense was horrible. Well, the Utah State defense is worse.

The USU Aggies gave up over 140 yards rushing to Hawaii last week, the same Hawaii team that gained all of 50 rushing yards against the Broncos. As such, Boise State should be able to run at will. Ditto, the passing game. Utah State is the worst passing defense (by total passing yards) that the Broncos have faced this year, meaning Kellen Moore could probably throw for 300 yards right-handed. Or could he, Brent Guy?

The Bronco defense will have a relatively easy time, too. Utah State is a one-man offense with mobile QB Diondre Borel doing the one-manning. He is nothing that Boise State hasn't seen in virtually every game already this year. The only way we see Borel hurting BSU is on deep passes after he scrambles. But that's what we have Kyle Wilson for.

The Broncos should jump out to an early lead, cruise with a balanced offense, take naps at halftime, and allow a garbage time TD that Brent Guy will use as positive reinforcement for the Aggies' next game.

It might be the only good thing that happens for them all game.

Here are other predictions we think might come true tomorrow:

  • Jared Zabransky attends the game, charges David Augusto to have his picture taken with him.

  • The Broncos have a scoring play of more than 50 yards.

  • Mike T. Williams has a multi-sack day.

  • The BSU secondary has a multi-INT day.

  • Brent Guy has a multi-bad-coaching-decision day.

  • Austin Pettis literally leaps over someone for a TD catch.