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Game balls: Not quite worth as much this week

Just because the Aggies didn't show up for their game against the Broncos on Saturday doesn't mean that the weekly game balls won't be awarded. A win is a win, no matter if Hal Mumme is coaching your opponent or not.

With that in mind, here are some base OBNUG awards for some of the more noteworthy performances - good, bad, or involving Chase Holbrook - from Saturday's glorified scrimmage.

Best impression of Chris O'Neill

Kyle Efaw
The grayshirt freshman tight end had been snakebitten by drops and tough calls the previous few weeks, but he made up for it with 78 yards on five catches on Saturday. Even better, it seemed like Kellen Moore felt comfortable looking his way often, which bodes well for our all-Bronco tight end fantasy team.

The Kibbiedome award for quietest home crowd

Aggie fans
You call that a homefield advantage? We've been to louder Pizza Huts. Save for six shirtless high school kids with painted prepubescent chests, the Aggie crowd was disappointing to say the least. Don't forget: this was NMSU's homecoming. The place should have been packed to the gills with proud alumni. Or at least Chase Holbrook's family should have invited more friends.

Best/only non-offensive TD

Kyle Wilson's punt return
You kind of felt that the Broncos were due. And usually when you're due for something, NMSU likes to help you make it a reality. Earlier in the game, Wilson had a long punt return that ended with a tackle by the kicker (and was negated by a D.J. Harper penalty). Later, Wilson fumbled a punt that the Aggies recovered on the Bronco 22-yard line. To make amends for both, Wilson fielded his next punt cleanly, took off down the near sideline, shook the kicker, and scored. Now if only Utah State could oblige us a defensive touchdown this week.

Least Heisman-like performance

Chase Holbrook
The purported best QB in the WAC went 12-for-20 for 64 yards and an interception. Not sure which Heisman he's trying to win. To no one's surprise, Holbrook did not last the entire game, being replaced by the equally ineffective J.J. McDermott. Everyone always loves to point out Holbrook's big numbers, but when it comes to winning big games against the Broncos, Holbrook doesn't do it. He rarely lasts until halftime.

Easiest screen pass in the history of screen passes

Kellen Moore to Jeremy Childs
Childs' second touchdown catch of the night might have been the easiest one he will ever get or anyone will ever get for that matter. After Childs caught the pass from Moore in the flat, he took off upfield with center Thomas Byrd and absolutely no one from the Aggie defense. The play was so wide open that we noticed Byrd calling for Childs to pitch him the ball so that the offensive lineman could get him some end zone. No dice. Maybe this week against Utah State, Thomas.