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Fire Rob Spear blog faces wrath of Rob Spear

There will be no rival blog bet this week due to the Internet still being largely a mystery to many Vandal fans and alumni. And also due to this:

What you see above is the former home of Joe Vandal's Fire Rob Spear blog, which first surfaced early this season when the Vandals were teetering on the brink of going 0-for-Division I-A. Rob Spear, in case you are as ambivalent as we were, is Idaho's athletic director and, in the opinion of Joe Vandal, a boob. Here is one of JV's nicer comments:

Rob Spear said: "I believe in the direction that we’re going even though we haven’t had the results to back it up."

If you believe in going in reverse and enduring massive amounts of losses and embarrassing jokes, thats your business. But asserting that you believe in a direction when you have no results to back it up? Are you freaking kidding me?! [CAPS Lock rant redacted]
Judging by the nature of the site and the nature of Idaho's reactions to things as base as midriffs, deductive reasoning would lead us to conclude that Rob Spear had the site taken down. You obviously don't mess with Rob Spear. He's got a Microsoft Word libel form letter, and he's not afraid to use it.

Other posts that might possibly have drawn his ire:

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  • Wasted scholarship of the week ...

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And our personal favorite:

  • Close your wallets and guard your pockets! Rob Spear has a vision!

Spear's vision apparently does not include websites intent on pointing out his flaws and getting him fired. This comes as a surprise to us.