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Final score: Boise State 49, Utah State 14

Another conference home game, another blowout for the Broncos.

Despite a real game breaking out in the midst of the Bronco romp, Boise State still won easily, scoring the game's first 28 points and the last 21 points. Four different Broncos threw touchdown passes, and it would have been a fifth if Coach Pete would have put us in on the second to last drive. We throw a wicked slant-and-go.

Our Bronco game experience was very memorable. We scalped into better seats, had a sign that no one saw, cheered until we were hoarse, and were single-handedly responsible for Ellis Powers picking up that fumble and scoring the touchdown. Seriously, we think he heard us. Or he felt our ESP.

We'll be back Monday with much more game analysis, but in the meantime, here are some quick-hit thoughts on the Broncos' win. It wasn't pretty at times, but it was a lot more beautiful than other games. And there's nothing that beats 9-0.

...that was the worst officiated game we have ever watched, not because they were making bad calls but because they were making so many; seriously, let them play, guys ... wonder what Brent Guy thinks of Kellen Moore now ... if you run it once, it's a trick play; if you run it once a game, it's your offense ... Jeremy Childs keeps getting better and better, it seems ... George Iloka, too ... Diondre Borel couldn't have been worse, especially backed up against his own end zone ... the Bronco run defense (44 yards allowed) is hitting its stride at just the right time ... the Broncos' first drive was a thing of beauty ... so was Moore's TD pass to Perretta ... the Bronco defensive line completely shut down Borel's running game ... are we back to square one with the BSU running game? ... final thought: how does 49-14 against Utah State look in the voters' eyes?