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Final score: Boise State 45, Idaho 10

As Ron Burgundy said in Anchorman, "That escalated quickly."

The Broncos only led the Vandals 17-10 at halftime, but by the end of the third quarter, the game was a blowout en route to a 45-10 final score. That must have been some Robb Akey halftime speech.

Jeremy Avery became the first Bronco back to break the 100-yard mark on the season, and the Boise State defense was its usual stellar self in helping the Broncos seal their 10th win of the year. Nathan Enderle helped, too.

We'll be back Monday with much more analysis, including several poor Vandal-themed jokes. You'll enjoy them. In the meantime, read on for some quick thoughts and feel free to leave your game analysis in the comments.

See you Monday, Bronco fans.

... Our Jeremy Avery jersey had better be in the mail ... a Nathan Enderle fumble-six; classic ... has Kyle Wilson been this good at punt returns all season long and we just didn't notice? ... Hunter White, interesting ... there were some giant holes for Bronco running backs ... except Ian Johnson ... Akey has quite a team of punks up there in Moscow ... Kellen Moore to Jeremy Childs may as well be a guaranteed six yards every time ... Ryan Winterswyk certainly seems to be healthy again ... we're not afraid to ask: what's eating Kyle Brotzman? ... perhaps the Bronco offensive line's best game ...

One final thought: Mark Johnson is going to be the end of us. Seriously.