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Doug Martin's "Hammer" stunt might not have happened

Perhaps the single biggest storyline following last Saturday's rivalry game against the Vandal was freshman RB Doug Martin running to midfield with "The Hammer" and pounding it into the Vandals "I" logo at midfield.

Either that, or he didn't.

There seem to be conflicting reports on what exactly went down at midfield on Saturday. Here's the way the Press-Tribune and Statesman have it:

Martin, in true Terrell Owens fashion, took the hammer and slammed it over the Vandals’ block I at the 50-yard line.

Martin took the Hammer to the middle of the field, right on top of the Idaho "I" logo and swung the mighty sledgehammer into the Kibbie Dome turf.

And here's the way Tom Scott remembers it:
When I saw BSU's Doug Martin making a beeline for the center of the field Saturday with The Hammer, I thought, "Uh-oh." The Broncos made their little statement, though Martin didn't (as some accounts had it) pound the hammer on the "I" logo. He just kind of struck a pose, with a whole bunch of his white-clad friends.

So what really happened? Was the local media outright lying in order to add spice to a dying rivalry? Did journalistic lines get crossed when the emotions of reporters outweighed the truthiness of facts? Was it all just a big misunderstanding?

We are taking Tom Scott's side on this debate because he seems to be right more often than anyone else who writes about the Broncos. Can anyone who was at the game add anything different? Yes, go ahead, David Augusto.

"Doug Martin carried The Hammer out for Boise State last week."

Perhaps Hammergate will remain a mystery forever.

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