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Broncos finally land an offensive line recruit

Boise State had quite the summer of highly-rated recruits give their verbal commitments to the Broncos, but despite the Joe Southwicks and the Malcolm Johnsons, there was still a big missing piece to the BSU recruiting class: linemen.

That void has now been filled with news that Bryant Thomas, a local kid from Capital High, has committed to playing for the Broncos.

"I can’t wait to play for Coach Pete. I will be dedicated to his program on and off the field, Thomas said.

Excellent. Let's start that dedication at the cafeteria. You see, Thomas weighs only 250 pounds (and stands 6'2"), so he'll need to bulk up before he sees the field at BSU. No problem. He's got time. The six-dollar burger at Carl's Jr. isn't going anywhere.

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